How Easy is it to Learn Spanish??

I recently posted on Instagram about a lesson I did with my Spanish students that centered on my passion for linguistics and language learning.  It sparked a lot of good conversation and several teachers reached out to me for a copy of my handout, which I have been emailing individually. But instead of sending out... Continue Reading →


Ditch Summit 2018 – It’s not too late!

If you haven't tuned in to #DitchSummit 2018, it's not too late!!  Just check out this Tweet from yesterday evening! Hooray!  So if you've been procrastinating, there is a good chance that you will have ONE additional opportunity to participate--not only in this year's Ditch Summit, but in the previous 3 summits as well!! So... Continue Reading →

Google Classroom Headers – Easily Customize Yours Today!

Google Classroom is a great tool for educators! But many educators do not know this little secret:  You can customize each of your classrooms with headers!  So, what is a Google Classroom header? The header is the graphic that will show along the top portion of the screen whenever students access their Google Classroom accounts.... Continue Reading →

Locura de marzo Song Selection Process Starts NOW | Don’t wait to nominate your favorite Spanish songs!

Señor Ashby's "Locura de marzo" may just be my all-time favorite activity for the Spanish classroom! Last year was my first year participating in Señor Ashby's "Locura de marzo" and it was a game-changer for my Spanish classroom! Students were singing Spanish songs in the hallway.  They were looking up additional information about artists on the... Continue Reading →

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